Why buy property in Liguria?

Why buy property in Liguria?

When considering a property investment in Italy, you may be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which of the Italian regions to choose from. Why Liguria?

Located in the North West of the country, bordering France, Liguria has a lot to offer those buying property in Italy. Overlooking the Ligurian Sea, this region, which is also known as the Italian Riviera, has something for everyone; from impressive mountains to a magnificent Mediterranean coastline, culture and a thriving social scene.

It is also known for its picture-perfect coastline, with the likes of the renowned Cinque Terre, in which people can hike the beautiful coastal trail linking all five villages; the charming seaside town of Rapallo; and Sestri Levante, home to a tiny island which is linked to the bay by a small strip of land.

In high season, tourists flock to the glamorous resorts of Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure, which offer an abundance of character and charm, combined with a burgeoning food scene and a plethora of art galleries and shops to while away the hours.

Escaping the hustle and bustle

If you would prefer a property for sale that is a little further away from the hustle and bustle of these Ligurian towns, there are plenty of other options which still offer beautiful beaches, centuries of history and a welcoming town centre.

By heading west of Genoa, the region’s capital, you’ll find the slightly quieter but equally enchanting resort of Alassio, which is awash with romantic beachfront restaurants, numerous rustic cafes, and a stunning new promenade. For those interested in luxury real estate in Italy, the pine-covered hills above Alassio are home to a number of luxury villas, offering the right level of privacy and seclusion but close enough to walk down to the Via XX Settembre, with its multitude of shops, delis and cafes.

Travelling to Liguria

Travelling to Liguria is incredibly straightforward. It has its own international airport at Genoa, which is located just six kilometres outside the town centre. From Genoa, there are regular connecting flights to the other main Italian airports as well as other European cities.

For those who want to travel by train, Liguria is well connected, with the railway following the design of the main motorway network. It is connected by the main lines to international routes from Nice, Germany and Austria, among others.

There is one main road which goes from Ventimiglia down to La Spezia and offers scenic views along the way. Liguria is also well served by boat, with a destination port at Genoa, while smaller ports up and down the coast allow vessels of all sizes to dock.

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