Why buy property in Sardinia?

Why buy property in Sardinia?

Many people looking to buy property internationally are drawn to the Italian property market. With the range of locations and choice Italy offers, this is easy to understand.

One of the top places many people consider buying is on the magical island of Sardinia. This fabulous Mediterranean escape has a real feeling of luxury and some amazing properties to snap up. But what is it about Sardinia that attracts so many to buy real estate there?

Sardinia is relaxing

Whether you plan to move over to Sardinia permanently or buy a holiday home there, you will love the relaxing pace of life. This is especially true if you are coming from a busy city or town where life might be too frantic at times! This gorgeous Mediterranean island only has around 1.6 million residents which means it is uncrowded and peaceful. Even the popular locations such as Porto Cervo and Porto Rotonda have a lovely chilled out feel to them.

The climate is superb

When looking to buy property in Italy, the climate in Sardinia is a major draw. The weather is good for the whole year usually and this makes it ideal as an all-year-round destination. The summer is naturally hot and sunny but the sea breeze around coastal areas makes it less humid. Even in winter months, the temperature does not get too cold. January and February usually come in around 14 degrees which is very mild. This makes Sardinia a great place for those who want to enjoy good weather and escape from the cold elsewhere.

Amazing culture

As you would expect with Sardinia being part of Italy, it has plenty of culture to offer. Wherever you head on this stunning island, you will come across beautiful architecture, fabulous buildings and fascinating historical sites. Sardinia also has its own distinct culture and local dialect compared to mainland Italy which is a real joy to discover.

Many beaches to enjoy

While all of the above make buying property in Sardinia tempting, the fantastic beaches you will find is perhaps the crowning glory. There are over 2,000 kilometres of coast to explore and numerous coves, beaches and bays to unwind on. In the summertime, you will find the most popular come alive with snorkelling, diving and swimming in the ocean to enjoy. Even in winter, the beaches here are superb for simply sitting on to relax.

Sardinia is a great place to buy property

When you also add in friendly locals, delicious food and how easy it is to get to from many places, Sardinia is a great option to consider. Whether you plan to buy property there to live in permanently, holiday in or rent out, it has so many features to recommend it. If you need a hand with finding the best property in Sardinia to purchase, get in touch with Terragente Real Estate or browse our website.

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