Top Italian real estate investments for 2020

Top Italian real estate investments for 2020

Whether you’re contemplating a move to Italy or simply want to buy a second home or holiday home, it’s vital to thoroughly research the Italian property market before making any firm buying decision.

Even if you’ve already got your heart set on a particular location, there’s such a wide range of popular Italian regions to choose from, the importance of in-depth research cannot be stressed enough. Check out these Italian real estate tips from Terragente Real Estate.

Top Italian real estate investments 2020

Whether you’re contemplating investing in an apartment in Sardinia, a villa near Rome or Florence, or a country home in the Sicilian countryside, you probably already appreciate the slower pace of life, spectacular landscapes, family-oriented society, and cultural benefits on offer.

Real estate prices in the bigger cities like Rome, Milan, and Florence may not be quite so attractive to some 2020 investors, but you do need to weigh up all the advantages of owning property in major tourist destinations. For example, Venice is already tightening regulations on visitors, so buying a home in the area could mean you’ll always have the ability to visit the most romantic destination in the world, and will maybe offer potential long term rental returns with far greater levels of profitability.

That said, our top tips for real estate investors in Italy for 2020 are:

– The Lakes of the north, although Lakes Garda, Maggiore, and Como are always in demand, homes near some of the more neglected lakes like Trasimeno and Iseo can be very affordable but prices are starting to go up. In Lombardy, there are ways to pick up bargain properties close by beautiful Lake Como, particularly if you opt for homes to the north. What’s more, you’ll be away from all the main tourist traps and close to some of the most spectacular mountain ranges for winter sports and summer hikes

– The sunny city of Naples is increasingly popular with real estate investors, and estate agents saw a 15% uplift in sales throughout 2019. This means it could be a good idea to buy your Naples home now before prices go up even more, as this lovely location is just an hour from Rome by train, and it’s easy to get to popular Capri, visit Mount Vesuvius, and explore the pretty Amalfi coast from any city centre base.

Get in touch with the experts at Terragente Real Estate to discover more secret Italian real estate hotspots for 2020 and beyond. We go that extra mile to ensure your Italian property purchase is smooth, and also provide professional property management services to help you get the most from your new home in Italy.

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