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Beautiful country estate in Chanti Classico BIO – 933


Greve in Chianti, Tuscany

Property Type: Business, Villa
5 Beds 4 Baths 370 Sq.m.


The best position for the production of Chianti Classico

A charming village with a main residence and a separate guest house. This property is well-known for the excellent quality of its organic wines

The Location

This area is “kissed” by the sun from sunrise to sunset, in a way that gives the grapes the characteristics to obtain a great wine. Furthermore, thanks to its hilly position (between 290 and 310 meters above sea level) it enjoys a perfect climate for production. The sloping and relatively stony grounds allow the rains to slide downstream and not retain water more than necessary.
The Chianti Classico disciplinary provides for a maximum yield of 75 hectoliters (7500 liters) per hectare. The wine is produced with BIO systems in the vineyard, but to have the cellar certification it is necessary to obtain it from a company that performs this role.

The villa

The main structure dates back to 1505. Then there is a document from 1728 where the existence of the property is mentioned.
The estate was acquired in 1970, doubling the land dedicated to vines, originally only 5 hectares, and restoring the existing buildings. All the roofs, for example, were restored about 10 years ago.

The residence is in rustic Tuscan style, in perfect condition, and well renovated.
Upstairs there are two bedrooms with 2 bathrooms furnished in style with the structure. Furthermore, a beautiful living room with a fireplace.

A door from the living room connects to another 3-bedroom apartment, another living room with a fireplace, and other bathrooms. This apartment also has access to the outside, a room with a small terrace overlooking the land, and an oven for making pizzas, focaccias, and bread.
The total square meters of the two apartments are about 370.

There is a structure dedicated to wine tastings with an adjoining kitchen and room that can accommodate about 20 people.
Above the cellar, in addition to the residence, there is a large space of about 160 square meters where the Vinsanto was produced. Now it could also be exploited with the construction of a small restaurant, also having a large terrace.

The Annexes

The estate is made up of about 21 hectares, of which about half are used for vines (just over 11 hectares), and 4.5 are used as woods. The remainder is land and roads.
The vines that make up the property are Sangiovese 80%, Cabernet Sauvignon 8%, and Merlot 12%.
The company sells its wines in Canada, the USA, China, Germany, Switzerland, UK.
The land of the property is exploited to the maximum for what concerns the production.
There are 2 permanent employees plus one working part-time mainly helping with housework. When more employees are necessary, cooperatives can provide staff for every need, from grape harvesting to work on the land.
The facility has a machine in perfect condition that bottles and labels the production.
The cellar is next to the bottling room and it is equipped with French barriques, wooden barrels, and concrete vats.
It is well exposed to the sun and enjoys natural conditions that are perfect for a cellar, in terms of humidity and temperature.
Outside the cellar, there is the equipment to accommodate the freshly harvested grapes: a grape collection tank, a de-stemmer to remove the stems, and a press that separates the juice from the skins. Once the juice is obtained, it goes into concrete vats for at least 12 days.
Alongside there is the storage of equipment. Among other things, there are 2 tractors, one with wheels and one with tracks. In addition to plows and other equipment for working the land.
Currently, 3 types of wine are produced: Chianti Classico, Riserva and Grand Selection.
In the past, they also sold bulk wine to a large Florentine brand in the sector.

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