Dreaming of Italy – buying that dream place after Brexit

Dreaming of Italy – buying that dream place after Brexit

The delights of Italy are many and well-known to countless Brits, who have long appreciated the stunning landscapes, food, wines and culture of a country that is as varied as it is consistently charming and subtly seductive.

Many of us fall hopelessly in love with the country during holidays, or maybe even a single, overwhelming experience – love at first bite. This is often the start of a lifetime of cherished dreams of one day owning a property in Italy; maybe buying a property as a holiday home to make more frequent visits easier and perhaps to bring in some income when we’re not enjoying it ourselves, as an investment or somewhere to retire to at some future point.

The upheaval and uncertainty of Britain’s departure from the EU after Brexit has thrown up many questions and doubts, not least in the minds of those cherishing dreams of a place among the vineyards or hugging the coast or lake shores. Can the Chianti dream still come true for Italophile Brits?

The answer, thankfully, is yes, si!, it can!

Non-EU citizens already have well-established rights under Italian law to own property, and post-Brexit Brits will be included in that category. Even while we were EU members, prospective buyers were always well-advised to seek professional advice and support from experts like us to navigate the process smoothly.

After Brexit, legal, official and many other essential procedures – dealing with surveyors, builders, banks and caretakers will be slightly different. But overall, the bureaucracy will be no more or less arduous than it was before. With the expertise of Terragente Real Estate behind you at every step, there’s no reason to lose faith in your dream or hesitate to pursue it.

We can also help you to understand and assess the different options that will be available to you as Non-EU citizens owning a property in Italy. For example, after you buy a house in Italy you have an option to become an official resident in the country, by following the appropriate legal procedure.

If you become a property owner but choose to remain a non-resident, you can still use your house freely up to a maximum of 180 days per year, so long as no single visit lasts for more than 90 days. This option probably suits most who buy a property as a holiday home. For those planning that retirement in the sunshine, the best option is to buy the property as a resident.

Brexit will change a few things, for sure, and perhaps it will make the choices and processes a bit more complex, but it’s nothing that can’t be overcome with the right support. Our love affair with Italy isn’t going to be interrupted by some changes in paperwork.

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