Renovating in Italy

Renovating a property in Italy

Renovating or constructing a property in Italy might seem like a bit of a challenge but with preparation, lot’s of patience and the right professionals at your side it will be an experience and your fabulous property in Italy will make it all worth while in the end.

Italy does not have national building codes but a hierarchy that derives from local and regional building and planning regulations. It is important to understand that laws and costs regarding renovation and permits are not the same in all regions and that they change over time. Dealing with a countryside town council or that of a less populated town, you will encounter fewer restrictions than in densely populated urban centres like Florence or old town centres with many historic homes and less space to extend your property.

The best resources for your renovation project are local companies who are familiar to the surroundings and the services of a qualified geometra. The geometra wears many hats: architect, engineer, construction foreman, surveyor, and liaison with authorities regarding all necessary permits. The geometra is well-informed about the local and regional planning codes which are designed to maintain the integrity and natural beauty of the landscape, to the utmost extent in the old centres and UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Your geometra will provide you with the important details regarding your renovation project. He will give you all the necessary information on costs and materials and will further assist you running and supervising the entire project. Geometras do not all charge the same amount for their services, rates will vary with location and extent of work to be provided. At Terragente we work with very professional geometras to assess your renovation and create restoration projects of all types.

In Italy you are normally charged for renovation works per-square metre and varies depending on the region where your property is located. Time is another important consideration but generally most renovation works usually take between 6 months and a year depending on factors like the property’s size and the magnitude of the project, you will also need to calculate up to six months for the project to be completed and all permits are in place.

We understand that managing a renovation project while not being on site is a bit difficult and we offer the service to follow each stage of the project to ensure that the project goes smoothly and will be free from language barriers between you and the local professionals.

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