Property management

Property management

Who’s looking after your home while you are away?
We offer quality property management services.

We know how difficult it can be to manage your property in Italy from abroad. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive package of Property Management services to help you enjoy owning your property in Italy without the hassle. For the property management service we work together with a specialised company, operating in the construction and renovation sector for forty years, focusing on design and construction of swimming pools and gardens, rural buildings and new construction. The property management service was created to ensure a series of efficient services with specialised staff for the complete management of your property based on personal quotes for maintenance; daily, weekly, monthly or annual, and for renovation (large or small projects) of your property in the Piedmont area.

The services offered consists of:

Property check
The check includes:
– Security check to ensure everything is secure.
– Ventilation of property (opening doors and windows) during our inspection.
– Visual check for mould or dampness.
– Visual check for damage or break-in.
– Visual check of water and electricity.
– Run taps and flush toilets to ensure they are working correctly.
– Home care report will be sent to you by email.

Our garden service ensures that your garden will always looks fantastic. Let us take the stress out of your holiday home and leave you to enjoy the scenery. We’ll take care of the maintenance and cleaning of gardens; cutting, pruning and disposal of large and small plants.

Pool maintenance and service
Our pool service makes sure that your pool is always in perfect condition. Whatever the season we guarantee your pool will always look it’s best. Our service includes; all basic chemicals such as chlorine, floculant and PH balancers, closing the pool for winter and opening of the pool in the spring. Don’t have a pool yet? You can also ask for a quote to create your dream pool.

Realization and service of irrigation systems.

Heating and water
Maintenance and service of boilers and water pipes.

Maintenance and service of electrical systems, video surveillance and lighting.

Maintenance and service of construction works.

Maintenance and service of doors, windows and blacksmith works.

Design assistance for buildings and gardens.

Chimney sweep
Annual cleaning of chimneys and flue pipes.

Maintenance and realisation of painting works.

Cleaning and service of sewage systems.

Home cleaning service.

Removal and disposal of furniture and waste from old homes.

Rental service
Welcoming guests, key holding and cleaning.

Get in touch and get your personal quote based on your needs of property management in Italy.
*At the moment the property management services are offered for properties in the Piedmont area.

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