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Ancient Italian country house with pool and oak tree park near San Venanzo – 840


San Venanzo, Umbria

Property Type: Business, Country house
5 Beds 3 Baths 430 Sq.m.


Ancient Italian country house with pool and oak tree park nestled in the Umbrian hills

Situated in an exceptionally panoramic location just a stone’s throw away from Orvieto in the very heart of the Umbrian countryside

A traditional countryside resort nestled in the Umbrian hills with a gorgeous pool area and two grand porticos, surrounded by a thriving Oak Tree Park. If you want nothing more than some quiet relaxation holding a glass of local Umbrian wine, languishing in the Italian sun away from prying eyes, and a rich al-fresco dinner under the two porticos, this is the place for you. This property is a true gem, perfect for unwinding during the Summer and nestling in its gorgeous landscape during the colder months. Situated in an exceptionally panoramic location, this Villa is but a stone’s throw away from Orvieto, in the very heart of the Umbrian countryside. This means, luxurious villa with adjoining pool, combined with cozy rustic countryside vibes. This gorgeous villa of 430 sq.m has two traditional porticos of 75 sq.m. each and a luxurious 16x7m pool. It used to be one of the many Italian farmhouses populating the Peninsula, completely built in natural stone and surrounded by three hectares of fenced land. After having been meticulously restored, it has become the perfect combination of rural countryside style and luxurious modern comfort, with a pool and tanning area, its private three-hectare Park and its own spring for fresh clear water. The shade of the front portico welcomes you in the main entrance of the Villa: natural Umbrian stone, classic Italian wooden beams – this entrance is the central part of the ground floor. Looking at your left from there, you can behold the kitchen and dining area with its classic stone fireplace, which lead you into two spacious and bright lounge rooms connected by a stone arch, with luminous doors opening the space towards the garden. The other wing of the ground floor, on the right side of the main entrance, consists of another living room with a grand traditional stone fireplace and a large door leading out to the garden. From there you can access an airy master bedroom with its en-suite bathroom. This whole space may be turned into a separate apartment, if necessary, with possibility to create another cooking area, thus rendering it fully autonomous. Both at the front and at the back of the ground floor you can enjoy the shade of the two 75 sq.m. porticos, providing an enjoyable space for dining outside in the hot summer evenings, having a refreshing drink after working in the garden, or drying and resting after a good swim in the adjoining pool. The staircase leads you up to a landing with a bright window, from which you can access the central lounge room, once again equipped with a traditional stone fireplace sitting in front of the window. The first floor of the house then divides into two master bedrooms and two double bedrooms, mirroring one another on each side of the lounge room, all towered by traditional wooden beams in the same style of the downstairs ceiling.  Two bathrooms complete this floor, although more could be added if needed. This way each bedroom could have its own private bathroom and the property might be turned into an “agriturismo” or partly rented out. This amazing villa in Umbria sits in a three-hectare private park with oak and pine trees, providing shade for your summer strolls and allowing for some privacy for those having a swim in the pool or sunbathing peacefully. The 16x7m pool allows you to remain fresh during the Italian summer, enjoying a cold drink and relaxing under the sun, while still remaining close to the villa and away from prying eyes. The close proximity of the pool to the porticos allows you to jump right out of the water and reach the villa with only a few steps, ready to dine outside in the shade.On the border of the property, you can find a spring, restored in 1975, which can provide fresh water for irrigation or to fill the swimming pool.

This gorgeous villa was built in an exquisite area, it being extremely close to Orvieto, yet fully immersed in the tranquility of its natural landscape. The closest town with services is San Venanzo, in whose municipality this property is located. It is an extremely important historical location with traces of human settlements dating back to prehistoric times. This area has gone through much in history: it is through San Venanzo that Via Orvietana stretched, an ancient Etruscan road connecting Perugia to Orvieto. Perugia is less than 1 hour away, but perhaps what’s also interesting is that this villa is but 2 km away from the famous “Monte Peglia-Selva di Meana” Natural Park, a UNESCO protected area for its biodiversity, also famous for the outstanding presence of unique in the world volcanic minerals and rocks. From this property you can reach the Lake Corbara in half an hour, which also allows you to roam through the “Sette Frati” Park, perfect for family walks and outside grilling. In a bit more than one hour you can then pay a visit to the Marmore waterfalls, an outstanding destination for a one-day trip, also suitable for children. That’s the beauty of Umbria, well known by many for its comfortable central position, from which in just about one day you can reach some of the most enchanting Italian cities of artistic and historical importance, such as Rome and Florence. From the comfort of this luxurious villa, you can pick on a daily basis what spectacular part of the Peninsula you’d like to explore and get back home in time for an Aperitivo… a glass of wine in front of the Colosseum at lunchtime, and a relaxing swim in your private pool in the evening? Or perhaps, a stroll in the luscious Oak tree Park inhaling fresh morning air, and a pasta dish in the alleys of Florence in the afternoon. If you then miss having sea breeze caressing your face and enjoying fresh fish delicacies the seaside is only two hours away – both of them, Adriatic or Tirrenic coast alike! This villa in Umbria has a well-defined historical and architectural character, with its combination of Italian traditional style and modern features. Its peculiarity though is that it also allows you to make it really yours, fitting it to your wants and needs thanks to its extremely comfortable location, its spacious rooms, and its luxurious surroundings. It is the perfect cozy retreat for those who cherish their privacy and independence – but this Villa also allows you and your guests to really choose how to truly experience the Italian countryside. Perhaps enjoying the tranquility of the pool under the Italian sun, or maybe roaming around the gorgeous Umbrian hills walking through the UNESCO protected natural park or simply enjoying a home-cooked meal in the fresh shade of the porticos.


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