Why buy property in Tuscany?

Why buy property in Tuscany?

Italy is home to some beautiful destinations, and deciding where exactly you want to make property investment can be a real challenge, given just how spectacular the country is.

One of our favourite places for real estate investment in Italy is always going to be Tuscany. This cultural region was the birthplace of the Renaissance, home to medieval cities and rural country idylls. There are wineries, you can explore the Tuscan Hills or lounge on beaches, and importantly, there are some great property investments to be had.

Here are our favourite reasons to enter the Italian property market in Tuscany!

Countryside purchases

The Tuscan Hills are one of the most famed destinations in Italy, and the rural countryside offers plenty of investment and renovation opportunities. You can purchase delightful country farms or rural homesteads in remote villages that have changed little in centuries. Give them a good makeover and you are set to have made a fantastic investment.

Beachfront properties

The Tuscan seafront has some equally fantastic investment opportunities too. You can find some glorious stretches of beachfront, and there are some excellent real estate options for sale if you know where to look. Enjoy the sun, sea and sand of the Tuscan coast, and secure a great Italian investment property at the same time.

Great city investments

Tuscany is a popular tourist destination, there’s no denying that, but the great Tuscan cities have yet to be entirely overrun by tourism on the scale that has hit Venice, Milan or Rome, for instance. Tuscan cities, like Florence or Siena, can be busy, but real estate prices are comparatively much lower than in Italy’s more famous city destinations. You can get a great investment deal, and be safe in the knowledge that your property will most definitely increase in price in the future.

The food and the wine!

But of course, buying a property in Tuscany doesn’t just need to be about securing an investment. One of our favourite reasons to buy property in Tuscany is for the culture, and a big part of that culture is the food and the wine. The Tuscan Hills are wine country, and you can find some of the most delectable wine, cheese, olives and cured meats anywhere in Italy. This is foodie heaven, and in our mind, that’s as good a reason as any to invest in Tuscan property.

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