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Luxurious ex-monastery converted into a charming villa in Orciano – 841


Orciano, Marche

Property Type: Business, Villa
5 Beds 3 Baths 500 Sq.m.


Luxurious ex-monastery converted into a charming and luxurious villa and a one-of-a-kind property

With five gorgeous bedrooms a majestic library room in an extremely elegant garden with panoramic views over the Marche hills

Five gorgeous bedrooms, a majestic library room, a natural swimming pool in an extremely elegant garden and a panoramic view over the Marche hills. What more can you ask for? You can’t go wrong when you find an ex-monastery converted into a home (about 450 sq.m.) : these buildings were constructed in the most tranquil, charming places of all. Monks used to sit in the shade studying huge books, go for walks in their elegantly curated parks, or simply enjoy the splendid scenery… and they usually picked the best spots for it. A gravel driveway welcomes you in this luxurious property, which is surrounded by a green luscious garden with its natural swimming pool, a gorgeous gazebo and cultivated fields all around the Villa. This luxurious country house is very comfortably divided into two independent apartments stretching on two floors each. This allows you to welcome friends and family over, or partly rent the property out while still personally enjoying part of it in the utmost privacy. A charming living room welcomes you to the left side apartment, with its ancient wooden beams and pianelleceiling. It is connected to a gorgeous dining area with an open-plan kitchen, which is extremely bright thanks to its four windows. Stepping up the staircase you then find a long corridor leading to three splendid bedrooms and a large bathroom with both a shower and a bathtub. This apartment is accessed through a stunning glazed door, which leads you into a spacious living room with direct access to a splendid dining area with open-plan kitchen. On the ground floor you also find a large master bedroom and a grand bathroom, also used as a laundry room. The first floor is serviced with a splendid attic lounge room and a large stone fireplace, towered by a traditional wooden beam ceiling – an extremely cozy space to relax in front of the fire during cold nights. From this room you then enter a luminous master bedroom with its own private bathroom. A grand studio is also connected to the living room: it enjoys an enormous bookcase – perfect to store ancient books in this gorgeous one-of-a-kind loft. On a higher level of the house, you also find a splendid garret, which can be used as extra storage room while also providing a breathtaking view of the whole property from above. This amazing property in Marche also features a 50 sq.m. annex, an old stone barn currently used as extra storage space. An adjacent traditional outdoor bread/pizza oven is what makes this Villa a true traditional Italian Country House. In ancient times this oven used to be lit only once every seven days, when on Sundays several families used to gather to bake bread together for the whole week. Since the inside of the oven usually is quite large, it would take a whole day to warm it up appropriately. For this reason, more families came together – even those who didn’t possess such a large oven, and they baked what was called their “Sunday bread” as well as some cakes on feast days. This property is surrounded by a gorgeous, carefully mantained garden with a luxurious natural pool. This pool was designed to work without chlorine, in order to minimize chemical impact on the environment and on those swimming in the pool. The water is maintained clear thanks to the cleaning action of the plants surrounding the pool – thus keeping everything fully natural. Ancient Olive trees, a stunning pergola and a gorgeous view over the vineyards make this property an out-of-this-world find, perfect for spending quiet days in reflection or as a tranquil retreat during hot summer days. This luxurious Villa is located in the municipality of Orciano, a village in the Marche inland not far from Pesaro. It is a gorgeous town that sits up on a hill, providing a splendid view of the incredible natural landscape of the Metauro valley. Its several churches and historical buildings from the Middle Ages make it an extremely interesting destination for a pleasant afternoon trip. Equally gorgeous are the surroundings of the beautiful town of Orciano, such as Montebello – with its ancient castle, Mondavio, Mondolfo, as well as the slightly further south Morro d’Alba, for a pleasant taste of their famous wine, the “Lacrima”. The central location of this property also allows you to comfortably visit Urbino, one of the most important towns of the Italian Renaissance as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Urbino is worldwide known for its impressive Palazzo Ducale, a fortress built in 1444 by Federico da Montefeltro, who wanted to transform this gorgeous town into the “ideal city”, of which the Ducal Palace ought to be the highest representation. What’s more it’s in the very heart of Urbino that Raffaello was born, who perhaps is the greatest Renaissance painter and architect. Another gorgeous town to pay a visit to is Pesaro, a city overlooking the sea, where a stroll along the seaside is a must. Pesaro is also called the city of music, because it is here that Gioacchino Rossini was born – the greatest Italian composer of the XIX Century. It now hosts one of the best music schools of Italy and the Rossini Theatre. In this area you can also visit the beautiful citadel Gradara or, if you quickly want to hop abroad and be back home for lunch in San Marino, a tiny enchanting foreign State hidden in this area of Italy.

Having been conceived as a two-apartment Villa, this property allows you to invite friends and family over, granting privacy and alone time while still enabling everyone to gather together near the pool or under the shade of the pergola for supper. At the same time, it can be your permanent residence, while getting an income from the holiday rental of the second apartment. This is a once in a lifetime chance to spend your days in the serenity of an old monastery, whilst still enjoying fun swims in the pool, relaxing walks on the gravel roads surrounding the Villa, or unwinding in the cool shade of the trees in your garden.This outstanding property calls for long strolls in the gorgeous nature of the Marche inland, quiet afternoons spent reading in the huge library room or sipping cold drinks under the pergola. All in all, it grants a tranquil life spent in one of the most charming areas of central Italy, which feels like it stopped in time, back to when the Italian Renaissance was blooming – once upon a time, when knights used to roam these green hills and monks retreated in splendid monasteries such as this one.


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