Looking to buy property in Italy during 2021? 3 top regions to consider

Looking to buy property in Italy during 2021? 3 top regions to consider

As 2020 draws to a close, you may be looking ahead to the New Year. The current year has been stressful for everyone and it is therefore natural to think about treating yourself in 2021.

One superb way to go about this is investing in Italian property. Whether you plan to live in it permanently, sell or rent it out, choosing the right location is important. But which are 3 of the best regions in Italy for buying property?


Piedmont is a real hidden gem in the Italian property market. While it might not get as much attention as somewhere like Lombardy, it should not be ignored. Its lower profile can actually be a blessing, as property prices can be lower here.

Many people love this part of Italy for the warm welcome you will receive from local people. This, along with a slice of true Italian life, makes it a very appealing place to spend time. While there are plenty of quaint villages here to enjoy, there are bigger attractions like Turin to discover. For those who like to head out onto the slopes in Winter, this part of Italy is also close to some top-class ski resorts.


Lombardy has long been a popular place to buy property in Italy and is known as the wealthiest part of the country. It is the centre of Italian business and home to the world-famous city of Milan. As such, it is a region which not only offers amazing properties to buy but also great shopping and lively places like Bergamo to check out.

It is also a great area for property investment, due to its buoyant market and high-end reputation. Many people like Lombardy for the culture and lifestyle it offers too. From a visit to gorgeous Lake Como or a trek around the superb countryside, there is always something to do.


If you like history, authentic Italian culture and plenty of sun, Campania is a great choice. Home to the city of Naples, this Southern Italian region also has stunning coastlines to offer. There is a great choice of properties for sale in Italy here, so it is easy to find one which you like and fits your budget.

If you are looking to rent out the property, Campania is a good choice as it attracts lots of holidaymakers. This region is also a foodie’s dream. From authentic pizza and pasta to tasty local wine, dining out here is a real treat. There is also lots to do here – from a drive down the famed Amalfi coast to checking out the region’s rolling hills.

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