Inspection trips

Inspection trips

We offer personalised inspection trips to give you the best possible opportunity to find the right property in Italy.

After we have searched and selected suitable properties according to your specifications it’s time to inspect the properties on-site. We personalise the visit for you and plan the viewings according to a suitable schedule with regards to the number of properties you have selected to explore further.

It is wise not to stress through the viewings and to allow a day extra to have the opportunity to visit the most interesting properties one more time before you make any decision about a purchase. After we have visited the selected properties, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the properties, the purchase process, the area, the business potential etc.

There is definitely no obligation to buy after an inspection trip and it is totally free of charge. You will though be obliged to pay for your trip and accommodation. If you want advice on suitable days to arrive, how to arrive and where to stay, please get in touch – we are happy to help.

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