Could Lombardy hold your dream Italian home?

Could Lombardy hold your dream Italian home?

Well known as the wealthiest region in Italy, with Milan being the capital of business and finance, many may be dissuaded from considering Lombardy as the ideal location to invest in the Italian property market.

With Milan being the most expensive city in Italy due to their reputation as the world leaders in fashion and one of the top shopping destinations in the world, it is certainly a desirable location and one that has seen steady demand from foreign investors.

There’s so much more to this region…

With Milan being such a focal point, it is often easy to overlook what else the region has to offer and far too easy to miss out on some true Italian gems.

There’s the medieval centre of Bergamo to the natural beauty of the Orobie Alps. Be amazed with everything from the centre of the Italian Renaissance, Mantua, to Italy’s third-largest lake, Lake Como. The region of Lombardy is rich in diversity and is sure to hold an appeal to anyone seeking to purchase an Italian property.

A region of contrasts…

With a property in Lombardy you truly can choose the lifestyle that suits you.

The region itself is surrounded by natural beauty with its rolling hills and high mountains. Then there are the famous lakes of Como, Maggiore and, of course, Garda. These lakes are where people head to rest, relax and have fun whilst in the region.

If you have a love of art and culture, within Lombardy you will find an array of art and architecture of historical importance. The Last Supper, by Leonardo Da Vinci, has it’s home within the Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie. That is to name but one of the amazing must-sees in this area.

If you’re seeking true luxury…

If in your pursuit of Italian real estate, luxury is what you seek, you would do well to consider Lake Como.

Being the third largest lake in Italy, Lake Como is surrounded by charming villages and towns. With stunning, picturesque, scenery provided by the backdrop of the Alps, Lake Como has long been associated as a getaway retreat for the rich and famous.

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Perhaps Lombardy is your dream destination when you have been considering Italian real estate? Or maybe Sardinia, Tuscany, Liguria or Piedmont are a better match for you? If you are looking to buy property in Italy, we are here to help throughout the buying process and beyond.

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