Consulting services

Consulting services

 With our complete consulting services we will be by your side through the complete purchase process when buying real estate in Italy.

The property market, the purchase process and the bureaucracy in Italy can sometimes be difficult to get a grip on, especially if you don’t fully understand the Italian language. With our complete consulting services we will be by your side through the complete purchase process. We work close together with lawyers and surveyors to ensure that your property purchase goes as smoothly as possible and we can also offer assistance when buying through judicial auctions in Italy.

If you have already found your dream property with another agency or a private seller but want someone by your side that speaks English to guide you through the complete purchase process we are happy to offer our services as consultants. We can assist throughout the complete purchase process or selected parts according to your needs. If you have found properties of interest with another agency but not yet established contact, send us the properties and we will establish contact with the other agency and represent you through the complete purchase process.

An important part of your property purchase in Italy that we also assist with is making a survey of the property you are interested in before signing of the preliminary contract. The survey will tell you the state of the property and the eventual costs you need to calculate for the property after the purchase in terms of renovation or changes to the property. It is important to do the survey before signing since the price negotiation is done before and you buy the property “as is”. The survey is done by a geometra (building engineer) and is always something that the buyer must ask and pay for since there is no requirement in Italy to perform a property survey.

We can also assist with legal matters like inheritance, will, residency, buying through judicial auctions etc …

Get in touch and tell us about your plans for buying real estate in Italy and we will give you a personal quote for our consulting services based on your situation.

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