3 delicious foods to try in Tuscany

3 delicious foods to try in Tuscany

Italy is a country which is home to many fabulous regions like Piedmont and Lombardy. While these have much to recommend them, Tuscany is still top of the tree for many. This is certainly true for people who are looking at properties for sale in Italy.

Tuscany is ideal for investing in real estate, for example, as houses here will always retain their value and be attractive to rent out or sell on. Many people will also simply buy their own home here to experience the Tuscan lifestyle and culture.

If you do spend any time in this part of Italy, food is one of the most appealing things it offers. Many of the best dishes are local to the region and worth tasting. But which should you try first when in Tuscany?


Tuscany is a large region in central Italy and has the lovely city of Florence as its capital. Fettunta is a dish found in Florence but which also goes by other names around the whole of Tuscany. It is essentially a Tuscan version of bruschetta. A freshly toasted slice of traditionally made bread is rubbed with plenty of garlic before being dressed with green olive oil and some salt. It is delicious on its own but even better with some Tuscan wine.


Staying with bread, this is a popular recipe in Tuscany which has to be tried. It is also a great way of using up stale bread in your kitchen, if you plan to live in Tuscany or have an extended holiday there each year. It comes originally from local Tuscan farmers and combines stale bread with onion, cucumber and tomatoes. This is then seasoned well and dressed with olive oil. For a more luxurious affair, you can even try adding capers and tuna as well.

Torta di Ceci

Tuscany is home to many fabulous places and the bustling port of Livorno is one. This city is also known for a cake called Torta di Ceci which is also found around other parts of the region. If you see it anywhere, it is worth checking out. This dish is a savoury cake which is crisp on the outside but soft inside. Ideal for vegans and also those who cannot have gluten, it is the ideal snack when on the move in Tuscany. Add some black pepper before you eat to get the authentic taste.

Tuscany has so much to offer

As you can see, this part of Italy has so much to offer in terms of tasty food. We have not even mentioned the gorgeous local wine much yet either! Along with the stunning scenery, fabulous weather and historic culture, this makes Tuscany the perfect place to buy property in Italy. Here at Terragente Real Estate, we have a great choice of properties in this region. Whether you plan to buy one as an investment or to live in, we can help.

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