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Portopiccolo – Your home at the seaside

€340,000 starting price

Sistiana, Friuli Venezia Giulia

1 Beds 1 Baths 49 Sq.m. 1 Garages


Portopiccolo Sistiana –
Your home at the seaside


Exclusive homes with limitless views and prestigious full service marina in the heart of the upper Adriatic.


The experience offered by Portopiccolo Sistiana has the gift of naturalness. It can be described as an instinctive haven, the qualities of which have been accurately and attentively conveyed. Just a few minutes from the centre of Trieste and a little less than an hour from Venice, the Bay of Sistiana is a jewel in a special setting – culture, history and environmental heritage have enriched this strip of land overlooking the crystalline sea which has been greatly loved and tested for centuries. Here, where mankind used to simply exploit local resources, is a new opportunity to live the sustainable and sophisticated pleasures of an ideal Italian village.

Portopiccolo has the energy of a project conceived with love. The attention to detail is such that it is never taken for granted by those living there. Choice finishes, round the clock security, in harmony with the landscape and eco-sustainability in addition to an interesting gastronomic offer, services, shops, the enviable vitality of an incomparable marina and the emotion of a limitless view over the sea and the colours that light up at sunset. The pride in its DNA permeates Portopiccolo, a new, yet ancient place, shaped by local history. We could be described as narrators where Portopiccolo Sistiana is the story, written to stir emotions.

Two types of properties are still available:

Case Terazza

Your dream panorama.
The terraced houses, set into the cliffs and covered with the typical local stone, dominate Portopiccolo and enjoy the most ample among the panoramas. Outside, the terraces are spacious, liveable, covered with prestigious wood and refined materials, spaces able to make the difference for you all year round.

Case del Borgo

Sea view living.
Houses and flats face out onto the port, protected at their back by the rock that descends quickly toward the sea.
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  • Sea views
  • High quality
  • Marina
  • Rental plan
  • Close to Venice
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Shops
  • Spa
  • Private beach
  • Pool area
  • Garage



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