Our services


Our services


We offer complete services for your property purchase, renovation work and maintenance.


When buying a property in a foreign country there are surely a lot of questions on your mind before taking the leap and signing the contract for your dream property. As buyers agents we are fully aware of all the questions that might arise and will answer all of them for you. We will guide you through the process from helping you find the right property, all the way to the completed purchase, eventual renovation and thereafter services regarding maintenance, rental and management.

Our expertise in the property market in Italy gives us the possibility to guide you to the right property that corresponds to your preferences and plan with your property investment. We will connect you with all the necessary companies such as bank and insurance company and with our network of  architects, engineers, builders etc we are well equipped to see you through any building or renovation work.

Are you interested in letting your property when you are not using it, want to purchase an investment property or maybe want to invest in a vineyard, we can assist with all the necessary management and services to make sure you get maximum return on your investment.

Our portfolio of services include:

Property search

We'll find your dream property in Italy

Project management

We'll get you through your renovation project in Italy

Property maintenance

We'll help you manage your property in Italy

Property rental

We'll help you rent your property in Italy

Bank connection

We'll help you finance your property in Italy

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